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Chick Lit Overdose

This is what happens when a girl has too much time in the office, not that I’m liking it. On the brighter side, I have started picking up reading again after a long time. This is what happens when you start working, you barely have the time to do anything after work let alone reading a book.

Anybody Out There (Marian Keyes)

The story opens with Anne in the hospital. It appears that her boyfriend, Aiden has left her or something. She kept calling him but the calls went unanswered. Like your average stalker, she sent him tons of emails but did not receive any reply. At this point, I think readers might have the impression that her boyfriend has left her until it was revealed that they both met with a horrific accident. Anne survived the crash but Aiden did not.

Something Borrowed (Emily Giffin)

Whenever I hear that women snatched somebody else’s boyfriends/fiancés/husbands, my first impression usually goes along this line: “what a bitch”. But this is not the case when Rachel got together with her best friend (or more like a toxic friend after a couple of chapters) Darcy’s fiancé Dex (short for Dexter I suppose).

Darcy likes to be the centre of attention at the expense of her so-called best friend Rachel. As opposed to Darcy, Rachel is the studious one who eventually went on to Duke to read Law. Being a sensible girl as she has always been, she graduated at the top of her class and is now an attorney. Rachel is always compared to the ever-popular Darcy who has since broken many hearts along the way. Whatever Rachel does, Darcy must be one step ahead even if it means she has to resort to unsavoury ways. Whichever guy Rachel is eyeing on, Darcy will surely get him first. Now, who will you say is the bitch here?

Rachel first met Dex in law school. Dex is charming and smart, all the qualities that a girl would look in a guy and Rachel couldn’t wait to tell Darcy all about him. Of course, Darcy being Darcy had to get her “paws” on Rachel’s potential guy. And as revealed by Dex later on, he was interested in her (Rachel) but thought that the feeling isn’t mutual since Rachel introduced him to another girl. Darcy and Dex hit it off and are now engaged to be married.

Rachel never had the intention to betray her best friend but as fate has it, she met Dex again at her birthday party and the flames were rekindled.

P.S.: Rachel, you go, girl!


Currently reading: Men I’ve Loved Before (Adele Parks), Heart of the Matter (Emily Giffin) – I have not finish this book yet but it seems to me there’s gonna be some adultery involved here.

Planning to read: Something Blue (Emily Giffin) – the sequel to Something Borrowed told from Darcy’s point of view.


“I’ve Got Your Number”

Sophie Kinsella’s novel never fails to amuse me. Seriously…once I start reading, I’ll continue reading until I see the “happily ever after” ending. That’s the beauty of reading chick lits – it always (most of the time anyway) end with the main female character hooking up with her “prince charming”.


What will you do if you find a mobile phone in a bin? Will you tell yourself that it’s yours now seeing as you found it or will you like any other honest member of the society return it to the rightful owner? Then again, your own mobile phone has just been snatched away by some random lowlife and you desperately need a phone just in case the hotel staff contacts you when they find your engagement ring which you have lost. It’s not just any ordinary ring, it is supposedly a priceless family heirloom. Worst, what will your future in-laws think of their future daughter-in-law whom they already disliked at first meeting? Oh well, might as well “borrow” the phone for a while, at least until the ring is found. And that’s exactly what Poppy did. Little did she know, she’ll be meeting her true Mr. Right along the way.


Lesson learned: keep the phone that you found. Finder’s keeper. And who knows, you might find your prince as a bonus 😀

P.S.: At least I did something productive over my long off days. Currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Hopefully it’s worth all the hype that it has been getting.

New car?

Dad was talking about sending his car to the workshop for a couple of days for a major service. And I thought, no car for 3 – 5 days…what a downer. I dislike taking the train to work very much and therefore, during those couple of days I was thinking of taking day off seeing as I have accumulated a number of complimentary leaves thanks to a certain project. Wish that I have a spare car for time like this.


Boss was talking about getting a brand new hybrid car. This came into conversation while she was briefing my teammates and I on the upcoming project and while talking about cars, boss said that I should get a car since I’m relying on my dad so much OR get myself a guy who has a car. And so, in the spirit of international women’s day I said, “No. I would rather get myself a car than the latter.” “In fact, I can get myself a car on the very next day.” Right. Yes, indeed I can now get myself a car now that I’m earning my own keep. A local car maybe. But I highly doubt that…after a Proton I’m thinking of Ford or maybe a Honda. So I guess, no new car for now. Will wait for a couple of years. Must save up at to at least half of the price of the car. Not gonna let the bank to earn the interests.


Dad says that his faithful Wira may need to go for a major “engine overhaul” (or something like that) and this will cost some thousand ringgit. Or, replace the 16-year-old engine with a 5-year-old Mitsubishi engine and this will also costs several thousand. And I thought, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to get a new car? But of well, knowing my dad, he’ll hold on to his Wira for as long as he can. He really does love his car more than his daughters. Haha.


Will definitely get my own car someday, hopefully a Ford. Lets see how it goes. Give me another 5 years and hopefully, I’ll be driving my own Ford or Honda by then.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

As absurd as the title may be, it’s a Tim Burton’s film, and therefore it is a must-watch 😀

And that reminds me, it’s from the same author who brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I have wanted to read but forgotten all about it. Elizabeth Bennet in an alternate universe where zombies roam around freely sounds entertaining, no?

Say what you want…

…instead of acting out what you want to say hoping that the other party gets the hint. And when the other party did not get the hint, please don’t start banging things around him/her (i.e. slamming the door, slamming the refrigerator’s door, etc.)  just to show your anger because you did not actually say what you actually want to the other party. Hello, you are the adult here for heaven’s sake, so act like one.


This is just me lashing out in the cyberspace. Am signing off now, Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone out there.


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