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Block Flash with FlashBlock Plugin

For years I’ve been complaining of Flash applications slowing down my machine (my then lower-end Acer notebook). Every single time I browse The Star Online, those annoying Flash ads kept hogging my computer resources and in some instances, my machine just gave up and I have to force-shut the web browser. Not only that those Flash app hogging up computer resources (in my case), in some cases, it even installs malware into your machine without your knowledge. The same goes to Javascript apps.

One solution is to simply block Flash objects from running via the browser’s setting or don’t install Flash at all. Well, that won’t work! Disabling Flash also means I can’t YouTube (or stream videos on other streaming sites) as YouTube videos rely on Flash to work. Ah, if only I can selectively disable Flash object and at the same time stream videos on YouTube (or other streaming sites for that matter)…

This is where FlashBlock plugin comes in. Well, had I not stumbled into this piece of article, I wouldn’t have come to know about this useful piece of plugin that blocks Flash objects. Here’s how it works: upon installing the plugin into your web browser, you will be prompted by the browser to restart the browser. From there on, you will see this logo image every now and then. This logo represents the flash content and if you want to run the Flash content, just click on the logo.


Note: Take note that there are two versions of the plugin for different browsers.


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